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I’m so excited to announce that my novella, The Light in the Cave, is now available on Amazon here! It’s been a journey learning all about self-publishing, but I am glad I took the leap and will finally publish this novella!

Here is the description:

Karisa Meyers has just taken a position working in a cave as a government contractor in order to be closer to her boyfriend, Fox Greene, a Staff Sergeant in the Army. She’s a little worried she won’t be able to pass the tests and keep her job. Fortunately, Cole Brooks, her sexy trainer is there to help. However, soon she will uncover the secrets of the cave and need to battle a biobot vampire, a quantum computer, and her own growing feelings for Cole.

The Light in the Cave blends the genres of Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction, and Mystery while touching on metaphysical topics such as frequency, remote viewing, synchronicity, the power of the mind, and the gift of free will.

33% alien 33% vampire 33% quantum computer and 100% entertainment is found within this action-packed story!

This original novella was inspired from Tricia Sankey’s short story, The Reset, which received an Honorable Mention in the prestigious L.Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest.

From the Afterword of my novella:

A few people have asked me about the inspiration for the cave setting in my novella. There was a time I did work as a contractor for the government, redacting immigration records inside a cave in Missouri. No, I didn’t encounter any aliens or vampires (that I can speak of) but I did spend plenty of time daydreaming, (during my breaks, of course) and perhaps my frequency increased while I spent so much time underground. I did and still do notice 11:11 and 1:11 quite often, but I just consider it a fun synchronicity.

I also appreciate the synchronicity of my novella releasing for pre-order on 2/22/2022!

Thanks to Ingrid at Experiments in Fiction for her help with cover design and publicity. For more information on how to be an EIF Affiliate Author click here!



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My short story, The Cave, made the ScreenCraft Quarterfinals in 2019 

I received an Honorable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest for my short story, The Reset. Read the complete list of winners here

My novella, The Light in the Cave, is now available on Kindle! It made the Amazon best sellers list in the category of Young Adult short reads on its first day released! 🥳


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I’m that funny aftertaste

I wrap myself in an old blanket – faded and worn, with holes, like me. And in the tender gray, I swim undisturbed, trying to piece together the fragments, trying to stitch together lucid memories.

I close my eyes and consider the last time I stole a page of poetry and randomly cut out wistful words, taping them onto my mirror, coating my reflection in soft syllables and syrupy verse. I didn’t want to acknowledge the wrinkles and warts – the morphing skin.

I recall silver bells ringing that Christmas sundogs filled blue sky. In golden beams and hazy dreams, the UFO landed, scattering skiers in melting snow. My pupils burst as I folded loose bits of humanity into my soul.

Who am I now? Maybe I’m a spice you can’t name – ginger or cardamom? It’s all a guessing game now, in this primordial soup.

Parhelie Soleil GIF

Written for Prosery at dVerse where Lisa challenges us to write a piece of flash fiction that cannot exceed 144 words with a line from a poem by Cella Dropkin:

In the tender gray, I swim undisturbed

from her poem “In Sullivan County”

Last Thoughts

Heading home
landlocked – but floating

we light the void
dispelling evil spirits with a wink

all thoughts exposed in ecstasy
while memories blur in falling rain
in seven silent strings

with meanings scrambled just so

*consume unfiltered*

and learn to embrace fuzzy shadows and sky
(without words) (without thought)

then collapse
in waves
u n d o n e

Photo by Khoa Vu00f5 on Pexels.com

Written for dVerse MTB: In my end is my beginning where Laura has challenged us to write a poem composed solely from 12 last lines of our recent poems. This was such a great idea, I really love how this one flowed!!

Trading Up

The preacher arrived
and prayed with the man

to find the path
to Paradise

he must forgive rose’s thorns

with faith in
wise words
carved in stone

begging the trees
no more tricks

he traded his cold body

for the
warm tunnel

heading home.

My pic

Written for dVerse Quadrille Monday where Lisa invites us to write a poem in 44 words with the prompt word: warm

Latest News!

I’m happy to contribute to #FromOneLine If I Were A House
Proceeds go to a wonderful organization so please consider purchasing from the links below!

Bless You

It can happen at any time

you sneeze
with eyes wide
open and

nobody says
“bless you”

or even Achoo

and you slip to the other side
and as some winged fish
drink the river dry

now I suffer from déjà vu
landlocked –

but floating.

#WriteMap 103
#dVersepoets #quadrille

fish splashing GIF

Originally tweeted by Tricia (@triciasankey) on November 14, 2022.

Written for dVerse Poets Pub for Quadrille Monday where De challenges us to write a poem in 44 words that uses some form of the prompt word: wing

Happy Monday

It’s been a few weeks since I updated here, but I have managed to tweet a bit. I’ve been busy with an interesting writing project which I hope turns into something more in the future. I’m going to try to get up to date with my poetry reading! Wishing you all a lovely week! ❤️

Pocketing Prose #dVerse #MTB

Bjorn is hosting Meeting the Bar at dVerse and challenges us to write a Bref Double. I had fun adding to a tweet from this morning to fit the form.

I read your mind
all your secret thoughts
pocketing prose, reaching past
diaphanous curtains, pushing

a sacred find
beneath the stars
you fading fast
in flirtatious slumber, drifting

Oh, how I’ve pined
to see your skull
seven times the spell was cast
while I waited, longing…

our love doth bind
through many moons, may it last!

Let me be the Princess #dVerse #Quadrille

In this scary flick
can I be a Princess?

Every year
let me wear pink

and I’ll carry your
pretty pumpkin head
as the sun begins to sink

and a flame will rise
inside your
perfect pyramid eyes

dispelling evil spirits
with a wink

Written for dVerse where De Jackson asks us to write a Quadrille poem of 44 words with the prompt word: Scare

Photo: me
When I was a little girl, I always wanted to dress as a princess and my parents indulged me. My mother made the costume in the picture!

Fun Fact: Historically Jack -O-Lanterns were thought to ward off evil spirits which is why they were placed on porches and windowsills.

Happy Halloween!

was a deception
except her eyes –

in them I found the
theory of everything

is as a ruby sun
the sky

never asking
for permission
to drain the color from
the trees

she nibbles gently
on your mind


all thoughts exposed
in ecstasy


Vampire Fangs Female GIF

Happy Halloween!! 🎃

Originally tweeted by Tricia (@triciasankey) on October 31, 2022.

Broken Picasso

Do you remember when
we ate #molten chocolate
cake with our fingers?

Our debut in London?
Those first shadows
at dawn – that
ineffable sky?

I remember you in pieces
my broken Picasso

expressive and exposed

memories blurred
in falling rain.

#FromOneLine 243

painting GIF by Michel Vautier MV

Originally tweeted by Tricia (@triciasankey) on October 26, 2022.

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