The Books I Have Loved [But Not Written About]

I am sticking all these novels by milspouses on my “to read” list!

The Military Spouse Book Review

“If you wanna hear God laugh, try announcing your plans.” -Al Swearengen, ‘Deadwood’

I’ve had such (literary) plans! — but life, kids, a move, work, have blown them out of the water.

But lest you think your devoted moderator of the Military Spouse Book Review has completely lost her edge, descending into a spiral of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ and drinking Zima while giving herself wonky late-night pedicures that must be erased come morning, rest assured — that is not the case.

I am reading, as ever, and in fact my list is so long that it’s tangling me up a bit. When you are reading a lot of very good stuff, you have to think a while before you can write about it. I am paralyzed by my own riches, like a British explorer trudging through the desert, weighed down by ancient treasure but unwilling to lighten…

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