She needs the key.

I relate to this so much as an armywife who has moved and had to start over in multiple locations. Especially the line “she’s been finding parts of herself in different places..” Please take a moment to discover the writing of my friend YuMin Ye!

Conceited Crusade


She has been fractured for a long time. Not belonging to any one group of people or any one place. Instead, she’s been finding parts of herself in different places, splitting herself up and hiding the pieces inside boxes only she knows about like Horcruxes. Sometimes it’s her heart, sometimes it’s her whole body. Sometimes fracturing her heart is like fracturing her whole body. There’s one foot in, another foot out. There’s one finger on one page while another finger is flipping to the next page. All this while her hand wants to close the book altogether.

She has been healing for a long time. Her Horcruxes keep trying to crawl out of their boxes like spiders after a volcano eruption. Sometimes she lets them make the connection, building a bridge to her past to help her move forward into the future. Sometimes healing is a lot of sitting in…

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