Seven Showers a Day (A chemtrail poem)

katherine hepburn

The residents of California have finally passed,

This 4th day of April, from a sky thick with haze.

Survived by those, who asked questions and fled,

With their gas masks secure,



Away from the drags,

Cary Grant liked to smoke,

Linear clouds,

Chembows and rain,

Glistening streets with refracted light,

Bent into pictures, like movie night.

Hepburn sighs and laments in her raspy way,

I  really do need “seven showers a day.”

Photo via Google Images

4 thoughts on “Seven Showers a Day (A chemtrail poem)

  1. I’m unsure of the history but there’s a Creepy real element to this… like one of the urban myths about towns being used for *dons conspiracy hat* government weapons projects

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