The Last Drop

Get ready for a wild ride with my latest post on Conceited Crusade!

Conceited Crusade


Parker Manning had a slow side to him. He would sleep the daylight away then stay up till four to do it again. His father pushed him to get a night job, somewhere with no physical or psychological exams. He eventually got hired driving cabs. Soon, Parker started asking me to come along for company. He’d pull up around the back of my house, to sit, have a lemonade, and chat for a while. One evening, he pulled up alongside my little apartment, just a block from his father’s home. It was eleven and I was actually getting ready for bed, but he told me to toss out my fears and ride the wild horses. So I threw on some sweats over the top of my pajamas and we cruise-controlled it all the way to the airport.

Once at the airport, Parker noticed an attractive, young woman who was wearing…

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