What it feels like

September is suicide prevention awareness month. This post shows the crippling power of depression. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Conceited Crusade

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My libido is currently dead

I don’t even want a kiss on the lips

I want to be held, nothing more

This is the least of my worries

Actually, I don’t have any worries because I’m emotionally numb right now

I barely have energy to take care of my basic needs

And feeling is not necessary to my current survival

Waking up is energy

Dressing is energy

Eating is energy

I didn’t even shower this morning because it took too much energy to think about showering

Thinking is energy too

I don’t really feel like talking much

I’m concise with my words

I don’t want to ramble on more than is necessary

Because talking takes energy

I don’t feel like being around anyone

Except maybe Valentine

He’s cute and doesn’t talk

I don’t mind being numb, even if I hate it

At least it’s not the pain

The pain is the worst


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