#2 on Coverfly Red List of Short Stories

I made the Red List!

I recently entered my short story The Cave in Screencraft’s Cinematic Short Story Contest here and as part of the contest my story is being held on Coverfly. It is currently #1 in the science fiction category of short story prose and #2 for all categories of short story prose. According to Coverfly, these stories can be discovered by industry professionals. Does anyone in the blogosphere have opinions on Coverfly!

I am excited to see if I make the quarter finals on January 8th and will update when I get news! Here is the logline for my short story:

She wants to know why her return to a government position in a cave has her seeing strange visions, channeling numbers, and falling in love with her ex-fiance all over again. But will her quest to know the truth leave her forever entangled in the mind of a machine?

A little background on my story idea: I currently work in a cave in Lee’s Summit, Missouri redacting immigration records for the government! So yes, I daydream a bit at work, but hopefully it pays off!


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