Seven Showers a Day (A chemtrail poem)

I wrote this 4 years ago. Could chemtrails in the West be contributing to climate change?

See comment below for source:

A retired USAF brigadier general, Gen. Charles Jones, has been quoted from a public source as stating, “These white aircraft spray trails are the result of scientifically verifiable spraying of aluminum particles and other toxic heavy metals, polymers and chemicals.”

“Millions of tons of aluminum and barium are being sprayed almost daily across the U.S., stated Mills, a former naval officer and UCLA graduate. “Just sprinkle aluminum or barium dust on a fire and see what happens.  It’s near explosive.  When wildfires break out, the aluminum/barium dust results in levels of fire intensity so great as to cause firefighters to coin a new term  ̶ ‘firenados,’ ”  he said. The entire U.S., in addition to various other NATO countries, are being sprayed.”

The government has for years denied the existence of chemtrail spraying.  It now calls the program by various names, all under Geoengineering.

Tricia Sankey

katherine hepburnThe residents of California have finally passed,

This 4th day of April, from a sky thick with haze.

Survived by those, who asked questions and fled,

With their gas masks secure,



Away from the drags,

Cary Grant liked to smoke,

Linear clouds,

Chembows and rain,

Glistening streets with refracted light,

Bent into pictures, like movie night.

Hepburn sighs and laments in her raspy way,

I  really do need “seven showers a day.”

Photo via Google Images

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