Guide Us


I’m stuck on pause, I’ve clicked mute – 

but I wish I could create a sentence as soft
and pure and proper as falling snow,
blanket everything with magic frost,

and fling this drab world down-
and turn upright: and birds would fly back and not away,

homes and jobs would return and disease wouldn’t sicken,
And we’d all be driven to love and not hate.

I pray these sentences could spring to life ~
let’s drop pretty words like little crumbs

to guide the way.


Sarah is today’s host of dVerse. Sarah says:
I did a little tour of London for you and picked out some 3 word combos. All you have to do is choose one of them, write a poem (3 – 12 lines long), and link it up as usual.

The words I chose for word prompts are frost, driven, and proper. The location of these words is Penguin Beach.


20 thoughts on “Guide Us

  1. I feel the same way. You express this in a visceral manner, and I wish as well that your sentences here could come to life and take away the pain that was caused to the world. Such a brilliant and poignant piece, it’s beautifully penned and emotional to me. Excellent writing and take on the prompt. ❤

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