She talks

I hear a voice.
Socrates called it a daemon,
his internal oracle?
his demon?
a higher self?
shadow mind?

She grasps me
with magnetic fingers,
I watch her

And I’m blind
to the way she

paints numbers on clocks.

10:11, 11:11, 11:10
in synchronicity,
she talks.

A quadrille is a 44 word poem. We write them at dVerse. De is hosting tonight, and our magic word is “magnet”.

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

26 thoughts on “She talks

  1. Sounds like mesmerization, and I can see the connection between it as the magnetic pull on the brain. Jung also believed in shadow selves. Interesting those numbers are like computer language, all “0”s and “1”s. Cosmic programming?

    1. I don’t know, but after reading about people who saw 11:11 on clocks, it happened to me, as well. Even the 10:11 a lot too. It’s weird when it happens. Just get a weird feeling and look at the clock and it’s there!

  2. Oh my! This is so mesmerizing and philosophical. It’s beautifully written and I love, love, love these lines the most:

    “She grasps me
    with magnetic fingers,
    I watch her

    And I’m blind
    to the way she

    paints numbers on clocks.”

    The imagery in this alone! My word, it is incredible. I’m honestly stunned, and my mind has exploded (no, really, I’m THAT stunned) by each image this poem evokes and the meaning behind it as well. The final three lines are such a perfect ending to this poem. It feels serene, in a way. Very beautifully composed. ❤ Wow.

    1. Thanks, Lucy! I have played around with a similar 11:11 poem on twitter today. I like how the magnet prompt got me more descriptive here. I love Philosophy and especially with poetry, it’s always a winning combo isn’t it? I appreciate the kind words!

  3. Love this, perhaps it’s a higher self reaching out to us.. beckoning to heed, to understand and believe that we are so much more 🙂

    1. It’s like a touch! Who knows, haha! I don’t get visions, but I did think I was being laughed at before. I don’t think I’m crazy, but there was a while I would happen to glance at the clock whenever it was 11 past the hour. Always on the dot. Like I would just walk into the kitchen and see the time on the microwave or notice the time on the TV or computer. It’s not as bad as it used to be. I could go on, but I would sound crazy, haha!

      1. The world is so crazy right now, that doesn’t even sound all that weird. 🤣. When my daughters were babies, I could tell you exactly when two hours had passed. And I used to be able to tell myself to wake up at a certain time. I probably still can, but I haven’t tried it in a while. Maybe it’s like that, an internal clock–or maybe not, but who knows?

  4. For me it is often 3:33 (the evil or the Godly hour depending on whether it is day or night!) and 10:27 (my birthdate) that I often see on the clock.

  5. When I read about painting numbers on clocks my thoughts go to those poor girls who painted fluorescent paint on dials only to die from cancer… Then the whole poem got a whole new meaning of the clock counting down.

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