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Those were the cat days,
when we crept silently to bed,

it was folly to expect
an apology,

and now we’re both tired
of this love story respawned –

9 lives spent in
captivity to who was right
and counting wrongs –

and our pain crept SOCLOSE
to the edge,

and then I fell –

It’s so hard
to land on my feet.
Can you see I’m dangling?


Today at dโ€™Verse, Lisa asked us to write a poem with the prompt folly.

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

30 thoughts on “Catch

  1. So much regret and pain but that quiet plea for rescue from final loss of love got to me. I love that folly/vulnerability imagery depicted by cats.

  2. Wow… This is really powerful. There’s vulnerability and poignancy in this piece and it has such vivid imagery. I especially loved these lines:

    “Itโ€™s so hard
    to land on my feet.
    Can you see Iโ€™m dangling?”

    Very innovative to describe these feelings using cats as the subject. Excellent work here, as always.

  3. Respawned is an interesting word. Comparing a cat’s life to our own, we may have more than 9 lives, but be dissatisfied with them all. What came easily once, is now difficult, with that uneasy sense that we’ve been in captivity all our lives, having to work to pay bills, whilst our pampered pets just give us love and get food and shelter — because we love them. But who loves us? ‘Life is hard and then you die’. I don’t know who said that, perhaps it’s just me. Your brevity here contains much meaning and feeling — well done. Apologies for the long appraisal…

    1. Yes, captivity in relationships is interesting to explore. We want the security but it can become an anchor and then we feel trapped as well. Thanks for reading ๐Ÿท
      PS. Just listened to the song on my laptop, thanks for sharing it, Sting is great!

  4. I like how you built your feelings on the framework of the cat. I’m remembering those posters from a few years ago of the kitten hanging on. I hope there’s a soft warm cushion to land on for you.

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