Fun with Crayons

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The evening aches, bleeding bright,
warbling notes in pink delight.

Pastel laughs peak and dive,
as children sing their crayons alive,
slithering shades with eggplant sighs,
that tamp down blue in seagull’s cries,

Indelible memories upon me dance,
doused complete in soft expanse,
sloshed from sea-sweet wine.

Today at dVerse Grace has asked us to write a poem inspired by the condition synesthesia. Grapheme colour synesthesia is the most widely studied and common type of synesthesia. An individual is able to associate number or letters with certain colours.

The writing challenge: Today we will write about color from the perspective of a synesthete. Pick one color or several colors. Create your own Dictionary of Color. All sounds have color. The alphabet has color. Days of the week have color. Each day has a color and a certain shape.

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

30 thoughts on “Fun with Crayons

  1. Tricia, you’ve made me a synesthete. The colors I can almost touch and hold to peruse, it’s remarkable. Your words linger through this sea of vibrant imagery, especially with “sloshed from sea-sweet wine.”, “The evening aches, bleeding bright,” and “slithering shades with eggplant sighs, that tamp down blue in seagull’s cries…”

    Beautiful writing, as always.

  2. This is such an incredible dive into synesthesia 💝 from “Pastel laughs peak,” to “Indelible memories upon me dance,”.. the poem is a delightful blend of emotions. You rocked the prompt! 😀

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