Possibilities emerge,
when you look with one eye.

Perspective is one aisle
in Walmart. You pick goods
with half-extinguished thoughts
from bottom shelf.

Long self-checkout lines
those dreams were on sale.

Be the camera. One eye. Above it all.
Turn the corner. Reach HIGH.

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Written for  dverse poets De is hosting and we are writing Quadrille poems (only 44 words) with the prompt word Possibilities. Come join in the fun!

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

35 thoughts on “Reach

  1. The perspective of this is so different, and so cool. It reminds me a little of Edie Brickell:
    “Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box
    Religion is the smile on a dog”


  2. I haven’t been supermarket shopping for months, so I enjoyed your foray into the world of Walmart, Tricia. I’m not a fan of big stores but, since the pandemic started, I’ve been holed up at home and would give anything to get out for a root around the shelves. I like the way you played with ‘one eye’.

    1. Thanks, Kim! Being able to shop at the store and see possibilities on the shelves could be another poem too. Hopefully things can go back to our “old normal” soon for all of us! ❤️

  3. Ah yes….it’s all in the perspective! Reaching high in the grocery store….rather than what’s at eye level wihich is the marketing ploy. And have you ever noticed that all the sugared cereal is a tad lower on the shelves? At kids’ eye level of course! Ah to really be able to “shop” again and by that I mean meander, pick something up, put it back down again….”window shop” inside a store……wishful thinking right now. But new vaccine news holds great possibilities! And there’s that word again!

  4. The placement of products on certain shelves, and even the music that plays in the background — all subliminal influences on our choices.

  5. Look up, look low, choose your view. I really like the perspective in this poem. These lines especially spoke to me.
    “Long self-checkout lines
    those dreams were on sale.”

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