No More

Yesterday, I didn’t have the words to write anything as I was trying to process everything that happened at the Capitol. This morning, a few words came to me that I felt compelled to tweet. I am not Republican nor Democrat, though I used to be Republican and have many friends and family that are still Republicans and good people. Not all Republicans support Trump and the insurrection. Some of the best people I know are Democrats. They are not all Antifa supporters. We have to learn to listen to one another’s views and not give up. 💕🙏💕

Violate your oath
Perhaps you were raised up just for this

Hate, division, deceit
You are a capital offense

God will judge
and your face will remind

I hope we NEVER forget
that day ignorance and hate
stained the floors –

we pray NO MORE!

#vss365 #poetryparty @Experimentsinfc

Originally tweeted by Tricia (@triciasankey) on January 7, 2021.

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Published by Tricia Sankey

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46 thoughts on “No More

  1. “Hate, division, deceit,”… this right here is the core of destruction that has plagued and continues to threaten the world. Here’s hoping 2021 will eradicate all evils! 💝💝

  2. So well said, Tricia! I can understand your not wanting to write yesterday. I was watching it from the other side of the Atlantic and was struggling to take it in.

  3. As long as the elites can keep the masses at each others’ throats, they can rule without much fuss. Until we understand it’s not about party or the color of ones’ skin, it’s recognizing the devious manipulations of the overlords that keep us divided.

      1. Having government in action at the local level up close for a long time (from 1993-2018) I know what being a politician demands. By the time they get to the state and federal level, they are, with rare exception, pure evil. Bernie is one of the good ones, and you see that the DNC shut Bernie out not once but twice.

      2. Yep, they shut him out. My husband has top secret clearance and works as civilian status for Marines now, but still in Army Reserves. So I’ve chatted with lots of people and have heard lots of stories. So many different beliefs even with our military. There is always more to the story than being reported…

  4. I’m a conservative that hasn’t been represented by elected officials in a long time. I’m appalled by what we watched yesterday.

    Time to use technology and convene a trial for all the traitors.

  5. That man is an evil fascist, not a politician of any kind, he doesn’t even understand or respect the Constitution. I read an article that said an aeroplane was standing by to fly him to his golf course in Scotland. They won’t let him land – they don’t want him! Even Nigel Farage has deserted him.

      1. I hope she manages to escape from him and his evil brood, taking her son with her to a better life, somewhere he cannot find them. She always looks so unhappy.

  6. Bravo Trivia! Excellent poem! From my heart, I applaud you. That chaos of domestic terror instigated by that disgusting asshat that this lazy nation allowed to forever stain the dream that is America, dropped the final turd in the bitter 4-year punchbowl of deception, greed, and hatred that masqueraded as a US presidency.BE GONE MORON! If that evil spineless sociopath is not imprisoned for the multitude of crimes against our Constitution, and for his criminal abuse of power — then we will have failed once again as a country. I pray that does not become the case. We need to squash him as the cockroach he is, as an example to any fool who has aspirations of bring the evil king of America — like perhaps a deplorable Senator from Missouri. Of course, this is all just my opinion. Well written piece you’ve posted here Tricia,

    1. He is a con man and always has been. It’s sad to know that one woman who broke into the Capitol even died for his lies. So many consequences we have endured for his lies and I know many other politicians as well. I hope we can all collectively learn our lessons. And I bet he does end up in jail. It just seems likely. 🤞💖

  7. I applaud your effort to sit down and write how you experienced this event. I feel an entanglement of emotions. Writing is such a great way to process and restart.
    We always have a choice to learn from what has happened. I stand in loving action to support a USA where all people can live without fear. It is heartbreaking to see Pres. Trump break laws and breed hate.
    We can’t give up.

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