– The way it spills harmonious goo from veins of glittering gods

dirty faced
softly scented
she whispered her dreams from tips of trees


with liquid eyes
she saw the sun
and fell face first


and there she blooms
and grows

Image: here

Lisa at dVerse asks us to write a quadrille (poem of 44 words) using the word “way.” 

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

37 thoughts on “Petrichor

  1. Face-down in dirt; so many dread it, but there’s no better way to sample the scent from which we all have sprung.

    Wonderfully developed Quadrille, TS. My thumb is up.

  2. Tricia, this reads like an enchantment to me. The sky in the background of the sunflower encourages my take on it. It is the magic of transformation!

    1. Yes! Also I was thinking of how God wants us to start in the dirt to grow. There is suffering but maybe more appreciation of the divine when see the lowest levels. A little bit of the fall of man when she falls head first.

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