We Danced the Cosmos

Over the weekend I participated in 20 rounds of #SlamWords #45thEdition and have begun tweaking several of my rough draft poems. It is a fun monthly writing challenge that really gets your creative juices flowing with fast-paced writing prompts. I’ve edited one such piece for today’s  Quadrille at dVerse, where Sarah hosts and the prompt word is swift.

We danced the cosmos
and dreamed

as constellations
circled and
f r a y e d

A panoramic sight
until I
knee’s cr ack ed

You caught me
swiftly pushing through stardust

in a sea of bright eyes
until we
tangled up
in silk skies

love GIF

See my original tweet (@triciasankey) on March 6, 2021.

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

29 thoughts on “We Danced the Cosmos

  1. Fun cosmic tale, Tricia. Sounds like you also had fun doing slam poetry. I like the way you broke up cracked as omanopoiea (sp?) and then were caught “pushing through stardust” then got nicely entangled as illustrated in the cool video, where I pushed play over and over again to bring it life.

  2. You had a busy weekend, Tricia! What a joy to have a collection of draft poems to play with. Your quadrille is full of joy and movement, and I love the way you describe the constellations as ‘circled and f r a y e d’ and played with the spacing of letters in the words, especially in ‘knee’s cr ack ed’ – I felt that! And such a sensual ending!

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Kim! I actually was going to play with the format of the poem more buy WordPress always gives me problems when I try to stagger lines it lets me in edit but then won’t take. I need to research that more. Slam words did push me and was fun to see just how fast everyone could come up with poems. 💞

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