Look Up

Relinquish reality
     and stretch your
     arms as a branch – 

            raise your hands
            to lost roots
            they dangle
            just above

the flood
returns nothing but 
ancient sludge ~ sweep
it away ~ let the abyss
pound the mountain
let the sun bake
its pie

leave me just the blue sky
I want to
          high off
              this branch
                         relinquish reality
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Today, we are writing poems in circles, with Peter at dVerse

18 thoughts on “Look Up

  1. Applauding I am 😀 this is stellar writing, Tricia! I love; “let the abyss
    pound the mountain, let the sun bake it’s pie.” 💝💝 May we fly free and higher!

  2. What an exuberant journey! – the poem just takes off in that last stanza, and some lovely imagery along the way – I loved the ‘underland’ image of lost roots dangling just above – all adds to the wonderful building energy. Great stuff.

  3. This line — “let the sun bake its pie” — seemed to me the synergistic center of the movement of this poem! So much fun to read Tricia. Well done.

  4. I like the movement in the spacing of the opening and closing stanzas, Tricia, and the way you laid out the middle stanza and let it bake in the sun!

  5. I think many people take drugs in order to relinquish reality. Holding on too tight to reality can be exhausting. You’ve shared a way to look into the mind of a free spirit. I like that graphic! So cool!

    • Thanks, Lisa! I think there are times I need to be more grounded but I like that I can disconnect without drugs or alcohol. I think I go into the “observer” mindset when I’m annoyed with life! Just escape above into clear blue sky! 💙

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