The Moon’s Eye

I’ve been combing through my poems in order to revise, combine shorter ones and reformat them all into a chapbook for various competitions. I don’t normally submit to contests, but I feel like I finally have a large enough collection of decent poems to start submitting to a few. Hopefully, I will hear back within two or three months. I will probably go through my blog and set many of them to private while under renovation and submitting to journals. However, I wanted to post this one for a few days because I thought I tweaked it well. Let me know what you think!

Plunge with me
into madness ~

the moon's 
cool eye
won't judge
us now


She’s seen it all


mean looks
whimpering breaths ~

she’s tasted clouds

and feels
My photo

10 thoughts on “The Moon’s Eye

    • Thanks, I hope I can find a publisher, but I was pleased with the 20 poems I revised this past week, so I’m happy! It’s funny how sentimental I get reading back through old poems, I’m like all emotional again! 🤣

  1. Madness under the “moon’s cool eye” then its unexpected sensuousness despite having seen it all — I like the intertwined reckless and cool eyed quality of the whole poem. Gives it a very unique flavor. ❤️

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