Clouds huddle now
with salty tears for the earth

                      no compass 
                                          points to land
 as we drift

in solidarity
            pour the wine
                                    let it flow

I want to taste
                 a kaleidoscope of
                                              sizzling stars


It’s  suffocating


Written for tonight’s Poetics: China – Kingdom of the Poem, prompt over at dVerse.
The challenge: Select ONE of the prompt poems and with as many re-reads as needed, imagine and reinterpret the poem in your own style.

I picked the following poem:

Flood ~ T’ao  Chien

“The lingering clouds, rolling, rolling,
And the settled rain, dripping, dripping,
In the Eight Directions—the same dusk.
The level lands—one great river.
Wine I have, wine I have:
Idly I drink at the eastern window.
Longingly—I think of my friends,
But neither boat nor carriage comes.”

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

33 thoughts on “Flood

  1. Firstly, I like the gif image it really sets the stage for your poem. I enjoyed your interpretation, which retains the essence, and your format.

  2. A wonderful shape and form, Tricia, and great use of space as caesura. I love the lines:
    ‘I want to taste
    a kaleidoscope of
    sizzling stars’.

  3. the layout gives added interest to your very imaginative poem – the space/suffocation feeling is palpable.
    “no compass
    points to land”
    those few words, speak volumes. Brilliant!

  4. This is absolutely exquisite, Tricia 😀 I so love; “I want to taste a kaleidoscope of sizzling stars! 💝💝

  5. Wow. What a lovely flow of a poem – and the repeating sibilance conjures up the water throughout.

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