You xertz hot tea
                             while I shred every flower

Let’s leave the calyx of the wilting rose alone

Don’t smoke it for fun
                                     Insecurities bloom
                                     and I’m seeded in rocks

                   see your reflection of pain

                                     hidden wounds
                                     black desires

          I'm sliced            and diced

A quadrille for dverse where Merril asks us to write a poem in exactly 44 words and use the word “seed” or a form of it

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

39 thoughts on “Sliced

  1. In 44 words you’ve said a 101 things about this person’s fragmented state of mind! Her/His ego may be on the rocks but so is this relationship. A whole lot of hurt is all they seem to have in common. I love your sharp, edgy poetic style, Tricia!

  2. Ooh this is deliciously dark and potent, Tricia!! Wowww! 😀 I love; “seeded in rocks,” and the image of black desires. We must be careful what is sown in a relationship. 💝💝

  3. I love the work you managed to put into so few words. Excellent physical poetry – it’s esoteric and confusing, but emotional and hits me in a place I thought well-numbed. I adore that phrase, “seeded in rocks” and I wonder if the speaker is the sort whose roots will penetrate to the earth all the same out of spite. Lovely stuff.

  4. I feel undertones of tragedy and it’s haunting here! A remarkable poem from start to finish, and I love how dark this is. An amazing poem!

    1. Thanks! I learned it’s the calyx of cannabis people smoke to get high, so I replaced with the rose here as it seems cruel to destroy a flower for your own kicks. I’ve never smoked anything, I promise! 🌸

  5. I love the dark edge of your quadrille, Tricia, and the way you left us to fill in the spaces in this exploration of what seems to be a tormented mind, especially in the lines:
    ‘Insecurities bloom
    and I’m seeded in rocks’
    and ‘I’m sliced and diced again’.

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