2am thoughts

I unhook distant memories
from shoddy clasps
of midnight sky -

and now I’m lost in a
with broken

shelved up high

the moon glares down
*with a soft sigh*

Why don't you
smother me

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I had fun taking some verses from my tweets on #poetryin13 and combining it into a more cohesive piece. Shared with dVerse for Live Open Link Night!

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

48 thoughts on “2am thoughts

    1. Thanks Ron! I think I was a little star-struck being with you all, thus the background filter! 🀣 BTW I read some of your stuff on 50-word stories last night and was impressed! You rock on all your publications! πŸ‘

  1. “and now I’m lost in a soliloquy with broken verse,”.. sigh .. this is breathtakingly evocative, Tricia πŸ˜€ Loved hearing you read- thank you so much for joining and thus making the evening all the more memorable πŸ’πŸ’

  2. Like a tasty mulligan stew, your poetic brew tastes fine! So glad to welcome you to our group. Looking forward to reading (and hearing) more of your work.

    1. Thanks Ingrid! It was the first time I’ve done a Google meet and I didn’t know how to change the space background filter but it did go with the poem! I figured it out now though, learn something new every day,! πŸ˜‚

  3. I’m so pleased you joined us at OLN Live, Tricia, and that I got to see and hear you β€˜in real life’, rather than just words on a screen. Tweet poems are fun and I enjoyed yours very much, especially β€˜I unhook distant memories from shoddy clasps of midnight sky’ and β€˜lost in a soliloquy with broken verse’. I look forward to seeing and hearing you at the next one.

    1. Thanks, Ken! I did change and add a few words here and there that weren’t in my original tweets. Kind of a fun game looking at my twitter poems in 13 words and then telling a longer story with them!

      1. Someone told me recently that a poem is never finished, only abandoned.
        I don’t know about the “abandoned” part, but anything can be seen with a new eye.

  4. Perhaps that’s where dreams come from. The night sky smothers us and the lack of oxygen drives us to hallucinate?

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