41 thoughts on “The way I left (A quadrille for dVerse)

  1. You’ve played not only with words but also with shape and form, Tricia. So enjoyable! What a way to be toyed with, having your coils stretched with words that hurt! Too bad the ‘capitalised I’ slunk off the page and closed the book.

  2. Slinking out is probably better than staying under such circumstances! I like the ‘stepped’ form which mimics a staircase which a slinky might slink down…

  3. Quadrilles always seem to be a preface for something longer, but yours is tight and complete, with lovely shapes and scampering words; loved it.

  4. Tricia, visceral-ness of this makes me shrink as I read it. Stretched coils, losing vowels, slinking away, no more capital “I” a Slinky is a perfect choice and then you put it in the format of a slinky. Powerful and clever. What I like best about it is your observation that those hurting encounters twist us into curious forms.

  5. Love the format and word play and that shrinking of the capitalized i.

    A sad emotional angst poem but well done with giving this a fresh new perspective.

  6. Love, love, love this. It truly does show how curiosity can further cause us pain and that perhaps the knowledge isn’t worth it, especially if it’s in the form of belittling others. Beautifully and cleverly written, Tricia. I feel the strength at the end with closing the book. It’s freeing and a sign of a hope to move on, even if it hurts. Brilliant.

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