The Risk in Writing

There is risk in writing –

Fingers stroke keys creating new life
with crooked features that fascinate

           and suddenly it’s your own child
           bouncing up and down

and you mark his growth on each page.
Will you romanticize the process: the writer, the reader, the critics, the story?

Reality is a sharp edge on which your characters dance but

       will they

  For if they plummeted to the ground

whose guts would spill out
in inky verse?

whose heart would be examined?

A writer must eat the apple
and run naked through the garden

A writer must fall to his knees
and pen his
pain as a prayer

risking judgment
and revealing truth

Be brave and dare to write!

Today, I’m hosting Tuesday Poetics over at dVerse Poets Pub. The prompt
opens at 2pm CST and the theme is risk, whether in form or subject.
The challenge is to not hold back. Come join us if you dare!

My sister, Cindy Scott, has just opened an Etsy shop for her artwork at ArtStudio444
You may follow her on twitter here and she is open to DM’s if you would like
to commission her for your own artistic endeavors.

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

79 thoughts on “The Risk in Writing

  1. I love this Tricia, as it’s so true! We take risks, we tell our truths, we may be judged, but this way we create 🀩

  2. Tricia,
    Loved this! Being authentic as a writer is being β€œedgy” (and ironically judged as acceptable) and being on the edge of a precipice, and it takes more than a little courage and heart. Best wishes to your sister on her Etsy site and your future collaborations which are bound to be intriguing and stylish! Looking forward to your prompt!

  3. I remember the process of starting to write, which was the most daring I have done… maybe over the years, I have fallen into the trap of finding it a comfort zone.

    Always reading is maybe the riskiest thing for an author I think, your way of capturing everything in even less words is a great source of inspiration for me-

  4. This takes a lot of courage. I applaud writers who can do this. I love this part:

    A writer must fall to his knees
    and pen his
    pain as a prayer

    Thank you for being our guest host.

  5. Love love love this:
    “A writer must fall to his knees
    and pen his
    pain as a prayer”

    Great prompt, Tricia and I like what you’ve done with it.

  6. I absolutely love, love, love this! πŸ’ Especially; “A writer must fall to his knees and pen his pain as a prayer risking judgment and revealing truth.” Yes! Stunning write, Tricia πŸ˜€

  7. This is so utterly true. Writers take that risk and it truly can be daunting, but the payoff of that freedom in expression, letting our burdens out onto the page, I think it’s worth it. Beautifully penned and especially raw. ❀

  8. I appreciate your passion, Tricia. We each have our own avenue to write, some explore the beauty about them, some delve deep within, and some are voices of pith and/or humor. I love that dVerse is an inclusive community of artists who represent all avenues.

  9. Excellent illustration for your prompt premise. I like to think of myself as “edgy”, as an outrider, a bad boy and risk taker. Your poem really resonates with me.

  10. kaykuala

    risking judgment
    and revealing truth
    Be brave and dare to write!

    A beautiful assertion in the close Tricia. One has to go down to great length before tasting success. Thanks for hosting, Ma’am!


  11. I love, love your poem …. Tricia, every time I press ‘publish’ I’m aware of the risk, putting myself out there, open to judgement .. all of it! Why I enjoy writing, the unexpected responses, positive / negative / no matter. The art is exquisite, best of luck to you and your Sister. (I grew up in Illinois across the Mississippi from St. Louis ..)

    1. I can understand that. I am trying to write more short stories as well and I think the risk is so essential to the plot. There has to be something on the line to make the story grab the reader!

  12. Well done Tricia – if the writer doesn’t risk everything they’ve said before in the making of the next poem there would be no poetry worth reading. I’ve completed 200 poems a year for 20 years and that never changes. And always, always, I didn’t risk enough. Great challenge …

  13. I like the picture you included here. You did a good job capturing the writing process and how we risk ourselves every time we put pen to paper (even though it seems we’re surrounded by supportive people).

  14. Every single word of this is spot on, Tracia, but

    “A writer must fall to his knees
    and pen his
    pain as a prayer”

    Is what made me scream “Yes!” in my soul. Thank you for a wonderful prompt!

  15. Excellent prompt Tricia. Your poem sums it up well for we writers, “risking judgement” is definitely a factor. It has taken me a lifetime to go public. I think it gets easier with every outing though. That being said, whenever I am nearly at the “Who care what they think” stage, I still waver. I am grateful for the d’verse community contribution towards getting over it.

    1. Thanks, Sean! When I was in the MFA program it took helped me get used to other people reading my work and I learned to open up more and more in my writing. It’s fun but can also be hard on the ego when you do receive feedback that isn’t great. I appreciate your thoughts!

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