A kind of sci-fi story

I took a journey
through a galaxy


I swam

       the supersized moon
I was held 
   hostage by
      a turtle
 (not the
                       ninja kind) 

      but a wise fellow
   who lived 
      a prismatic waterfall 

          that soaked me to my core

 I looked down at my body
            and was
     shocked at what I saw!

 I was an everlasting
        as the water
bathed me in 

     never to dull
 nor ever die

but then this turtle
 moved me
   to  the  dark
side of the moon

(the smaller one
                 above Earth)

she was ill - heartbroken

  and I began to
        cry for no reason

old longings grew
and I thought of you       
now I've depreciated
                       like a penny

tossed in space –

        I reached the stars 

          idols spin


         crashing down
                   upon the ground

   the shine long
I'm at your feet

      perhaps with luck
                 I'll get picked up.

Written for Open Link Night at dVerse 

This is a conglomeration of some of 
my older Sci-Fi #vss365 tweets
 and poetry. It may be a little rough,
 but I entertained myself at least!

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

42 thoughts on “A kind of sci-fi story

  1. This is a unique piece“, kind of stream-of-conscioiusness, kind of a stroll through Narnia, kind of a Poe love note, and an olde to a sad end to a romance.Your line breaks and spry word leaps keep the rhythms up.

  2. Tricia: Thank you for taking me on this sci-fi fantastical journey with you! Love this post.
    Most especially these wrods
    the supersized moon
    me ”
    and the idea of depreciating like a penny!
    Great imagination here 🙂

  3. Tricia,
    Loved this galactic/time travel tour with you, and I love how all the imagery work together to take us right into persona’s mindset, even as the “depreciated penny” that drops, I admire how you’ve found you own distinctive voice in your poems, by the way, to the point where I can say, Tricia wrote this, it’s so distinctive of you.

    1. Thanks, Dora, glad you enjoyed the trip! That’s nice to hear that you could recognize my voice. Sometimes I think I have very different types of poems from all the prompts, but it’s nice to know my voice is recognizable. 🥰

  4. Tricia, seriously, this would make a great children’s book. Not sure if you do illustrations or not, but find an illustrator that can do your story justice.

      1. You’re welcome!

        I’m extremely talkative… I get to reading and I can’t shut up.

      2. I like making connection and getting to know people. There’s so many inspiring people on here. Like your blog… whom I keep coming back to…

        You’re invited to read my poetry blog if you want.

      3. Is it the Eclectic Contrarian or a separate one? I did check that one out, but still making my way through all the linked dVerse posts this week.

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