I’ve joined vocal.media!

I’m adding some of my longer short stories and poems to Vocal.Media! If you get a chance, check me out by clicking below. I will occasionally link to some of my newer content on that platform. I mainly wanted to join to be able to participate in their writing contests. I will share my submission to their “Doomsday Diary” contest once it is approved and added. They only post poetry of at least 100 words and short stories of at least 600 words. If you have experience on there let me know!

Tricia Sankey | Vocal

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

10 thoughts on “I’ve joined vocal.media!

  1. Tricia,
    Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to showcase your work! Hoping you meet with much success and looking forward to reading your work there.

    1. I am part of the Vocal plus membership now for just a $1 for the first month. Trial thing. It can pay $6 per 1K views and you may get tips from readers. You will need a Stripe account, so have to check if it’s available in your country, in order to receive funds. A fun experiment to see how many readers I get. Perhaps win a contest!

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