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sometimes I wake

and catch her scent

                  my Muse,

I named her Misty,

for she’s mystical

            and mysterious

she conjures words



of rain

        inky syllables

brush my


and I’m enamored

but no more than her

 she winks / I stare

we’re frozen in time

and maybe in space

for she’s all around

like a thousand angels

giggling, composing their song

I hum along

then snatch their pen

they laugh again

say I’m


and we’re both amazed

how the



Written for dVerse Open Link Night inspired by Ingrid’s prompt I missed on Tuesday Poetics: Who’s your Muse?

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

64 thoughts on “Amused

  1. Love this, Tricia! How you wrote it and the rhythm, it reads like a dance between you and your muse. I especially loved these lines:

    “For she’s all around

    Like a thousand angels

    giggling, composing their song

    I hum along

    then snatch their pen

    they laugh again

    say I’m


    So well written. ❤

    1. Thanks so much, Lucy! I finally got to join the live to read this only to have my internet cut out once in the middle of it, but eventually got back in there to reread it. I’m never moving my laptop upstairs again!

      1. I’ve always had this thing come to mind about how poets/writers are in tune with words. How the words seem to choose us.

      2. I went there 1 time to get my wife some perfume for Christmas. I honestly couldn’t smell it over every other smell in there. I just took the girls word for it and bought it lol!

      3. My sinuses were assaulted 😂

        Sorry…. totally off topic for your post.

      4. Probably because you’re a woman and it’s a straight up women’s store 😂

        Yes, indubitably. You’re an awesome writer! It’s what led me to reading and commenting on your blog. And it was all downhill for you ever since 😂🤣

      5. But honestly though, you are an awesome writer! You have a natural way with words and a natural talent.

      6. It seems to have weird directions. My old poetry is better than my new. But I barely have any new poetry. I think the old mountain stream is drying up.

      7. It helps that I read so much poetry now on WordPress as well. I just think it’s cool when people put themselves out there and share from the heart!

      8. I binge read a lot too. It helps squirt a poem out every now and then. But it’s not the same.

        But I encourage you to do what you need to. You have a gift.

      9. And I’m sorry if I’m talking your head off.. I can’t shut up lol!!

      10. I know 🤦‍♂️……

        You know the good thing about words is that they float around waiting for someone to listen. And when they get you, they don’t take your taste and smell 😂

      11. They take you! All encompassing. And crazy beautiful things come out of you.

    1. Thanks, Merril! I will never try to move my laptop upstairs again after it cut out! Our router is in the basement so I guess that was the issue. I enjoyed writing this one! 💗

  2. I absolutely love this 😀 and can picture her so clearly in your words, Tricia especially; “she conjures words as drops of rain/ inky syllables brush my
    nose and I’m enamored,”… sigh … as am I 💝💝

      1. thanks Tricia but I simply don’t have the tech skills! By trying I have finally found my microphone and my link today is to the one poem I’ve read …

      2. I would have too many groups to do live, so it’s not a priority for me … I have totally enjoyed watching you all reading and interacting when Bjorn has posted the live sessions later. Guess it’s unfair but I prefer to pace myself 🙂

    1. I’m glad I finally was able to after my tech problems! Your prompt was just what I needed yesterday. I actually finished the poem right before the reading so Misty can work on a deadline when pushed! 😆

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