Pink Skies

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“I’ve visited this planet in my dreams.” A beautiful woman, who was much older than she looked, assessed Earth from the open window of her craft. “But these clouds are clearly foreign, such an exotic clutter.”  Against the blue cloth of the sky, the fragile pink puffs seemed harmless. However, upon closer inspection, she could see their metallic sheen. Chemtrails. The US Government had been using them for decades to track and spy on crafts like her own. She laughed. She wanted them to find her.

The pink fluff was growing when Sabrina heard the noise. The ticking in her chest sped up. The world was shifting like some strange, subdued creature calling out.

“They thought our magic was gone,” she said to no one, knowing her words would filter into the pink haze and startle human ears. She laughed again. “Come get me!”

Written for Prosery: Clouds, where Merril hosts at dVerse. The challenge is to write a piece of flash fiction with a 144-word limit and include the following line from “Clouds,” by Constance Urdang:

“But these clouds are clearly foreign, such an exotic clutter

Against the blue cloth of the sky”

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

34 thoughts on “Pink Skies

  1. The ending is so wicked and twisted. I wonder the intensity of her magic if it had to be to the point of being spied on from the government among other things. Such amazing writing, Tricia, I was sucked into the story instantly! I love how you went sci-fi with this one. 😀 I can hear her words, “Come get me!” distort into echoes over and over again that it could cause an observer nightmares at the scene.

  2. I think she is a little dangerous! You won’t be able to close the door after you find her! I like the open ending of this piece that lets the reader flesh out the rest of the story.

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