One Sweet Day

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Sunbeams tickle the deep
and a whole new world
erupts in vivid color

One sweet day
we’ll pass through
shimmering sky
casting off

dark shadows
and lonely soliloquy –

we’ll soar above
saltwater memories
and float on waves
of endless light.

Today, Lillian hosts at dVerse, and asks us to include a title from a song or two in our poems. We can select the songs from #1 hits on our birthday by clicking on this Birthday Hits website. I picked, “A Whole New World” by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle and “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey.

I am also writing this poem as a tribute to my mother-in-law, Linda Sankey, who passed recently from Covid-19. We will all be together again one sweet day! πŸ’“

41 thoughts on “One Sweet Day

  1. Tricia,
    What a sweet, transporting tribute to you mother-in-law, full of beauty and light! So sorry for your loss. May you and your family be comforted by God’s grace. πŸ’ž

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