Anytime I breathe (A Compound Word Verse)

memories rattle in my chest
and I don’t want to feel this stressed

I’ve lost everything I treasure
and I find no hidden pleasure

under the sheets, I cry at night
caring not who was wrong or right

In an alternate universe
watch us overcome and reverse

in dreams we walk together, and
finally travel hand in hand

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Grace hosts at dVerse tonight and writes:

For today’s poetry form, we are going to learn about a compound word verse.

The Compound Word Verse is a poetry form invented by Margaret R. Smith that consists of five 3-line stanzas, for a total of 15 lines. The last line of each stanza ends in a compound word and these compound words share a common stem word which is taken from the title. (In the first example below the stem word is “moon” from the title “Moonlighting”; the compound words related to the title are moondust, moonbeams, moonsongs, etc.)

The Compound Word Verse (3 lines) has a set rhyme scheme and meter as follows:

Rhyme Scheme: a,a,b
Syllable/Meter: 8, 8, 3

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

36 thoughts on “Anytime I breathe (A Compound Word Verse)

  1. I love that you dream of that alternate universe, where we can reverse and set to motion what we really want. I want to believe we can make it come true. Thanks for joining in.

    1. I feel like I need more practice with these, but I was finally satisfied with the ending enough to hit publish! Thanks for hosting and introducing me to this new form! 💝

  2. You pulled at my heartstrings with this one, Tricia, making the form bear the weight of loss (and the hope/dream) of love. “Any” was a great choice for these lyrical verses.

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