Do I need a title?

A stranger instructs
three breaths, and as clarity climbs
with barely a beat, I’m gone

out of body
in the mists

Is time a song on repeat?

For 30 minutes I float
in riddles

Who am I?
I cannot fathom

a hidden chorus
knows only
what it’s not

It’s Open Link Night at dVerse, so I’m expanding a little on a twitter poem I published recently. I love clearing my mind with singing bowls and hope you enjoy the link!

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

35 thoughts on “Do I need a title?

  1. No, you don’t need a title! The question speaks for itself, doesn’t it? In listening to the singing bowls, I too feel like a question is being asked each time, riddles, and something being answered. The marvel is that you capture all this in your few short lines. Well done, Tricia!

  2. I can imagine how wonderful you feel after. I love “Is time a song on repeat?”

    I just played the beginning of the video–I wish you could have seen Ricky the Cat’s reaction. 😀

  3. Interesting. I have tinnitus 24/7. I can go hours without realizing it’s there, but when I pay attention to it, it stays. All the singing bowl did was bring the tinnitus right to the front, so I guess it’s not my thing. On the other hand, I could meditate to the waves. White noise is my friend. When I looked for beach glass on Lake Ontario, I was just above the water line but I could feel those waves wash over me. (Every once in while, they actually did.) Your words (and the waves in the video) took me back.

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