The Customer Service Department #Prosery #dVerse

I’m in the middle of researching a complicated case when the inevitable happens. The low hum of an incoming call directs my attention to the phone, and I promptly put on my headset and respond to the caller in a professional, upbeat greeting.

“This is Tricia, how may I help you?” I chirp, brightly.

“Transfer me to someone in charge! Someone with infinitely more authority than you, as I am not a common man, but a privileged being, a deity from a planet you will never see, a star far away, that requires a certain level of customer service that your company has yet to provide.”

His etheric voice shakes my core and I wonder what dark magic he spews, for his words fall as poisoned daggers, and I am bombarded. Yet I stand, after placing him on hold and break for lunch.

For dVerse Prosery, where Merril hosts and asks us to write a flash fiction piece no longer than 144 words and to include the following line:

I am bombarded yet I stand.

-from Adrienne Rich‘s poem ‘Planetarium’

This was shortened from a longer version I wrote for Conceited Crusade many moons ago. Read the original version here!

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

54 thoughts on “The Customer Service Department #Prosery #dVerse

      1. I wasn’t sure if it was pulled from experience or not. (You know I wrote a book on sexual harassment–I was submerged in these types of stories–though without the fun.)
        You’re very welcome!

  1. Marvelous ending. I appreciate the small victory. My small victory is, when my iPhone tells me a robo-call is coming in, I answer in an official voice “Sheriff’s Office, Fraud Division”. Amazing how quickly they disconnect!

  2. Now that is funny. It reminds me of the old adage,”What if they started a war, and nobody came?” Beyond the luscious levity, there is a powerful metaphor, and symbolism masquerading as a tightrope walker, truth on one shoe and lies on the other.

      1. That’s why I enjoy the dVerse group! You will have to link up your story next time on the Mr. Linky, I don’t think I saw it listed, but I see your blog has moved.

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