Hands Off

Merciless days
crush up all dictators –
stir with a candied spoon

Let’s put an end
to saccharine smiles
and devilish charm

Some recipes just don’t work
and some hands need
swatted away

Written for dVerse where Sanaa hosts and I have picked the challenge of using the word “candy” in a poem.

Photo by Sima Ghaffarzadeh on Pexels.com

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

37 thoughts on “Hands Off

  1. This is candylicious! πŸ˜€ I so love; “crush up all dictators –stir with a candied spoon,” yes please πŸ˜‰ Thank you so much for writing to the prompt! πŸ’πŸ’

  2. “Merciless days
    crush up all dictators –
    stir with a candied spoon”

    Ah, if only it were that easy…

    I too enjoyed the visual. It was serene and darkly satisfying, which I LOVE. Also love where you went with the prompt, it speaks such a strong message about what’s happening with Russia and the Ukraine.

  3. Such a wonderful response to the prompt. What a soeaking and far-reaching poem, my dear Tricia. Indeed, all humanity should rise and put a kibosh to dictatorial regimes the likes of Putin’s. Amazing πŸ‘

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