Publishing News and latest tweets!

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted here as I’ve been super busy on the home front with a funeral (my cousin recently passed from ovarian cancer), celebrating the arrival of my niece’s new baby, and a fun family reunion in Branson, Missouri. I’ve also been working on some freelance projects on the side, with only a small amount of time for my Twitter poetry.

I am excited to announce two of my poems related to #armywife life has been accepted into Wounds I Healed anthology which is due out in early June!! There is an upcoming Live discussion on Twitter Space led by the Editor Gabriela Marie Milton @shortprose and Publisher Ingrid Wilson @Experimentsinfc on the anthology scheduled for June 4 at 10am ET. (Click here to read more!)

Check out my latest tweets including info on my recent submission of my novella, The Light in the Cave, into the Page Turner Awards contest for screenplay adaptation!! 🤞🤞🤞

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

17 thoughts on “Publishing News and latest tweets!

  1. always seems one leaves when one enters Tricia, so sorry about your loss! You have a lot on your plate. Congratulations so happy to be featured together here. Sending a hug and love! 💖💖

    1. Thanks, Ali! It was a shock finding out my cousin had ovarian cancer and she was already late stage. Life is so unpredictable, just going to treasure each moment we have with family and loved ones! 💓

  2. Thank you for this shoutout, Tricia!

    I was so sorry to learn of your loss, but happy to hear there is a new arrival in the family as well ❤️

    Best of luck with the competition 🤩

  3. Congratulations, dear Tricia, for your poems being selected for the upcoming anthology. 🎉🎉 And, oh, my condolences to you over your cousin’s death. Take heart, dear. It was painful was she went through 😢❤💐

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