Captivating #PowellGardens #haibun #dversepoets

On our drive to Powell Gardens this past weekend, we looked up into dark clouds and were a bit concerned. The chances for rain were pretty low when I purchased the non-refundable tickets, but Missouri weathermen can never be trusted.

I am not that girl who will stroll around in the rain while her mascara takes a hike! Fortunately, once we arrived it was only sprinkling. Still, I ducked my head while running into the conservatory for the butterfly exhibit! That’s when in awe, I looked up to a colorful blur of wings in the tropical conservatory display and native butterfly habitat! I shared a few pics on Twitter of #Powell Gardens

Soft grey sky
and bright butterflies –

Merril’s prompt for Haibun Monday at d’Verse is Looking Up.  Join us!

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

62 thoughts on “Captivating #PowellGardens #haibun #dversepoets

  1. Beautiful, Tricia! Thank you for sharing.
    When our kids were little, we (more often my husband) used to take them to the Natural History museum in Philadelphia. One of their favorite things was the butterfly area.

  2. Looks like a serene spot, Tricia. Your post reminded me of a destination in Scottsdale called Butterfly Wonderland. It is like stepping into a tropical rainforest. 🦋

  3. So well written, and the adventure sounds beautifully wonderful! Love the photos too my friend. Great post Tricia. 🙂

  4. It’s always best not to judge a cloudy day. Your haibun illustrates that brilliantly. I visited my first butterfly atrium this month. Magical, indeed. 💜🦋😃

  5. What a captivating scene you wrought by your words. Fantastic haibun

    Thanks for dropping bybto read mine Tricia

    Much 💚love

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