Last Thoughts

Heading home
landlocked – but floating

we light the void
dispelling evil spirits with a wink

all thoughts exposed in ecstasy
while memories blur in falling rain
in seven silent strings

with meanings scrambled just so

*consume unfiltered*

and learn to embrace fuzzy shadows and sky
(without words) (without thought)

then collapse
in waves
u n d o n e

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Written for dVerse MTB: In my end is my beginning where Laura has challenged us to write a poem composed solely from 12 last lines of our recent poems. This was such a great idea, I really love how this one flowed!!

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

50 thoughts on “Last Thoughts

  1. I was skeptical about the prompt, but gave it try & am OK with the outcome. You, on the other hand should be more than merely proud; you should be ecstatic!

    1. Thanks, Laura, appreciate you hosting! I enjoyed how the prompt allowed lines to flow in a synchronistic way, going to have to try this with more poems in the future! πŸ’

  2. I love how this works so well, with ebb and tides of emotions. This is my favorite part:

    while memories blur in falling rain
    in seven silent strings

  3. There was a purpose and story in this that shines through. A very thoughtfully constructed piece. It conjured up a story for me of relationship conflict, resolve and romance. I could be way off, but I loved it, Tricia.

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