I’m that funny aftertaste

I wrap myself in an old blanket – faded and worn, with holes, like me. And in the tender gray, I swim undisturbed, trying to piece together the fragments, trying to stitch together lucid memories.

I close my eyes and consider the last time I stole a page of poetry and randomly cut out wistful words, taping them onto my mirror, coating my reflection in soft syllables and syrupy verse. I didn’t want to acknowledge the wrinkles and warts – the morphing skin.

I recall silver bells ringing that Christmas sundogs filled blue sky. In golden beams and hazy dreams, the UFO landed, scattering skiers in melting snow. My pupils burst as I folded loose bits of humanity into my soul.

Who am I now? Maybe I’m a spice you can’t name – ginger or cardamom? It’s all a guessing game now, in this primordial soup.

Parhelie Soleil GIF

Written for Prosery at dVerse where Lisa challenges us to write a piece of flash fiction that cannot exceed 144 words with a line from a poem by Cella Dropkin:

In the tender gray, I swim undisturbed

from her poem “In Sullivan County”

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

42 thoughts on “I’m that funny aftertaste

  1. Blast those aliens. I’m not sure but this is the POV of an exploded snowman and “My pupils burst as I folded loose bits of humanity into my soul” is either a metaphysical nightmare or the only possibility of humanity’s preservation or both. Did he have ginger nose and a cardamom smile? Questions, questions!

    1. You may be onto something, there! ⛄This story could go so many ways, I wrote it while taking Mucinex D today and blowing my nose. I’ll have to ponder it more while taking Benadryl tonight! 💡

  2. Love this dreamy story to the prompt Tricia and your words “faded and worn, with holes, like me”.
    A wonderful cozy write and my pupils popped when I heard your words and the picture radiated back at me. Lovely job!! 💞

  3. I’m wondering if this isn’t to be taken literally, more a form of madness, the introversion of someone who can’t face reality so she pretends reality has gone bust. My interpretation for what it’s worth.

  4. A very compelling story from start to finish. I especially loved ” My pupils burst as I folded loose bits of humanity into my soul.”

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