A Quick Read!

Written for Twitter #vss365

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

27 thoughts on “A Quick Read!

  1. Wow the detail here is just sublime! What a perfect piece…truly!! I’m always marveled at how much power you capture in a few short lines. AMAZING, Tricia!!!

    1. Thanks, Grace! This was another older poem I tweaked after I found the video to work with from picmonkey. So happy you enjoyed it! πŸ₯° (I just saw your comment wondering if this one disappeared, no worries, they all get held for approval by me, so sometimes doesn’t show up for a little bit!)

  2. Very cool! 😎
    Did you know only in the English language is the pronoun “I” capitalized (unless used at the beginning of a sentence)? Not sure where I’m going with that little bit of info but it seemed important at the time. Loved this, Tricia!

      1. this is what I found after googling: As capitalization rules evolved after the invention of the printing press in the 1700s, the letter I retained its capitalization, but none of the personal pronouns received the same special treatment.
        Looks like it goes way back. English really is a language that has evolved over time!

      2. And this is what I found: The letter I continues to be capitalized in English because it is the only single-letter pronoun.

        Makes sense but I wonder if it’s a single letter pronoun in any other language?

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