The Scenic Route (#dVerse #found poem)

I read your mind
during merciless days–

When we met on the moon
 there was a soft grey sky
 now life is a madhouse and

there is a shadow of you
shattered there as

the painting hangs
crooked on the wall

Is it illogical to think
you might swing as

I brave a song and
I make my way

                         heading home?

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Written for dVerse Poets Pub, where our host, Laura, asks us to compose ‘found’ poems from the very first lines of our own poetry, from the first poem of each month posted in 2022. We are allowed to change the order of the lines and add conjunctions and prepositions. I had so much fun looking back and playing with the order to find these unique lines! 💝

First lines from the following poems:

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

45 thoughts on “The Scenic Route (#dVerse #found poem)

  1. What a fun prompt, Tricia!!! And you executed it so beautifully. I absolutely loved reading, the way your words effortlessly flowed together was so peaceful to read. Amazingly done as always 🤍🤍

    1. Thanks!! I had originally hyperlinked the text, and then realized I had my internal editing links hyperlinked so quickly deleted them and then went and added to the end!! 😜 I was surprised how well this all gelled once I changed the order up some!! 🥰

  2. We all, want that, safe place we can go to, when the world gets, too, crazy, and, that safe place, is often found, inside, but that’s the place where, nobody, ever, looks for, unfortunately…

  3. Wow Tricia! Had I not known the nature of how this was constructed, I would believe it was a single concept original poem, written as a whole. Excellent my friend… 🙂✌🏼

  4. The couplets and the offset final couplet work really well, Tricia, and I enjoyed reading the poem as a whole, especially the lines:
    ‘there is a shadow of you
    shattered there as

    the painting hangs
    crooked on the wall.

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