“The Blue Yellow Tree” for dVerse Poetics

I make my waythrough painted forestsand follow the path of the rising light, as it twists and turnsbehind tremulous trees, I fall to my knees and examineold ground still teemingwith life still rootedin dreams. Written for Poetics Tuesday at dVerse, the virtual pub for poets around the globe. Mish hosts and introduces us to Ukrainian artist,Continue reading ““The Blue Yellow Tree” for dVerse Poetics”

My poem 11:11 is featured on MasticadoresUSA today!

Recurring nightmare ~song as sad as the Hulk’s we’re just ticking machinesmoaning with moonquakes eyes buried / beneath the bed will we ever collidein full-bodiedhot flesh? Please continue reading the rest of the poem at MasticadoresUSA . Once there, you will find more beautiful poems curated by the talented editor Gabriela Marie Milton. A note aboutContinue reading “My poem 11:11 is featured on MasticadoresUSA today!”