Last Thoughts

Heading homelandlocked – but floating we light the void dispelling evil spirits with a wink all thoughts exposed in ecstasy while memories blur in falling rainin seven silent strings with meanings scrambled just so *consume unfiltered* and learn to embrace fuzzy shadows and sky(without words) (without thought) then collapse in waves u n d oContinue reading “Last Thoughts”

Pocketing Prose #dVerse #MTB

Bjorn is hosting Meeting the Bar at dVerse and challenges us to write a Bref Double. I had fun adding to a tweet from this morning to fit the form. I read your mindall your secret thoughtspocketing prose, reaching pastdiaphanous curtains, pushing a sacred findbeneath the starsyou fading fastin flirtatious slumber, drifting Oh, how I’veContinue reading “Pocketing Prose #dVerse #MTB”

Let me be the Princess #dVerse #Quadrille

In this scary flickcan I be a Princess? Every yearlet me wear pink and I’ll carry your pretty pumpkin headas the sun begins to sink and a flame will riseinside your perfect pyramid eyes dispelling evil spiritswith a wink Written for dVerse where De Jackson asks us to write a Quadrille poem of 44 wordsContinue reading “Let me be the Princess #dVerse #Quadrille”

Broken Picasso

Do you remember when we ate #molten chocolate cake with our fingers? Our debut in London? Those first shadows at dawn – that ineffable sky? I remember you in pieces my broken Picasso expressive and exposed memories blurred in falling rain. #vss365 #FromOneLine 243 Originally tweeted by Tricia (@triciasankey) on October 26, 2022.