Click to see some Poetry Art!!

New art for sale! “Thankful”. Buy it at: Poem by @triciasankey Originally tweeted by Art Studio 444 (@ArtStudio444) on August 14, 2022. I’m a little tired today after traveling to Fort Riley, Kansas with my husband, son, and dog. I think I am getting a little old for the hotels and VRBO rentals, toContinue reading “Click to see some Poetry Art!!”

Captivating #PowellGardens #haibun #dversepoets

On our drive to Powell Gardens this past weekend, we looked up into dark clouds and were a bit concerned. The chances for rain were pretty low when I purchased the non-refundable tickets, but Missouri weathermen can never be trusted. I am not that girl who will stroll around in the rain while her mascaraContinue reading “Captivating #PowellGardens #haibun #dversepoets”

Strangling Silhouettes

Same old storyline, I saw myself fall for you.You in every silly dream, a repeatingrepeating tragedy, with slippingslipping reality, I wonder who is cursing meme sinking in a sea of soliloquy, stranglingstrangling silhouettes. Written for dVerse Poet’s Pub where Grace challenges us to write a loop poem! I picked this variation: One long stanza, noContinue reading “Strangling Silhouettes”