The Scenic Route (#dVerse #found poem)

I read your mindduring merciless days– When we met on the moon there was a soft grey sky now life is a madhouse and there is a shadow of youshattered there as the painting hangscrooked on the wall Is it illogical to think you might swing as I brave a song andI make my way                   while                         heading home?Continue reading “The Scenic Route (#dVerse #found poem)”

The #Conspiracy of Sky #dversepoets OLN

Nobody understandsthe constellations of my thoughts and nobody should – as I lay flat on my bedall four corners creeping in spinning roundabove the ground the conspiracy of skyis that it used to shape-shift as old starsslinkedinto newholessnatchingsouls This is an older poem, but I don’t believe I ever shared it for dVerse Open LinkContinue reading “The #Conspiracy of Sky #dversepoets OLN”