Captivating #PowellGardens #haibun #dversepoets

On our drive to Powell Gardens this past weekend, we looked up into dark clouds and were a bit concerned. The chances for rain were pretty low when I purchased the non-refundable tickets, but Missouri weathermen can never be trusted. I am not that girl who will stroll around in the rain while her mascaraContinue reading “Captivating #PowellGardens #haibun #dversepoets”

Strangling Silhouettes

Same old storyline, I saw myself fall for you.You in every silly dream, a repeatingrepeating tragedy, with slippingslipping reality, I wonder who is cursing meme sinking in a sea of soliloquy, stranglingstrangling silhouettes. Written for dVerse Poet’s Pub where Grace challenges us to write a loop poem! I picked this variation: One long stanza, noContinue reading “Strangling Silhouettes”

Drops of Light #dVerse #Poetics

– The way it spills from the veins of gods With liquid eyeswe stir black holes The milky way           never saw us coming the storm clouds stashour sighs                in light cracking / sounds ⚡ then drip               drip                    drop 💧 the sky releasesour love            in fractals dividing landwe’re all the same we’re drops we’re oceansContinue reading “Drops of Light #dVerse #Poetics”

A Premonition #dVerse #Quadrille

I brave a songlet the notes soothebruised sky even though mydrink is bitterand dry Let’s celebratethe dawnbefore dusk I predict the rays willspill and sway sweetening my cupin just the right way as ice meltsaway. dVerse Poets Pub is back from summer break and we are celebrating 11 years of poetry at the pub!! TodayContinue reading “A Premonition #dVerse #Quadrille”