My poem has been translated into Greek!! Find out how you can have your own poems translated too!🤩

Vasiliki has a facebook page where she is translating English poems into Greek! She will also have a YouTube channel soon: If you are interested in having your own poems translated into Greek, check out her other tweets: Click to see on Facebook:

Travel Light #dVersepoets #OLN (In memory of Glenn Buttkus)

Very sad to learn of the passing of Glenn Buttkus a member of the dVerse poets pub. He had such an original voice and he never held anything back. Lillian hosts Open Link Night this afternoon, where we can share any poem prompt free. I am sharing a poem I published this morning on myContinue reading “Travel Light #dVersepoets #OLN (In memory of Glenn Buttkus)”

Dry Lips #dVersepoets “Prelude to a Kiss”

Written for dVerse Poets Pub where Kim hosts Tuesday Poetics “Prelude to a Kiss” It was icy that day drivingyou complained you neededchapstick I offered you mine (vanilla scented)(all natural) the applicationfirst gentle with the tip of my lipyour head dipped tires slippedthen we crashed and I finished off your mouth in the most organicway