My Love of Editing

My followers already know I love writing poetry and short stories, but few realize I’m also a Freelance Editor. While attending the MFA program at Lindenwood University, I worked as an Assistant Editor on the very first issue of The Lindenwood Review. It turned out great with various Pushcart nominations.

I have worked as a Copy Editor, Developmental Editor, and a Ghostwriter. Every writer needs someone to bounce ideas off, especially in the beginning stages of writing a novel. I love helping clients crush through their writing block and create something they can be assured is well written.


“Tricia helped me edit a couple of pieces and she was detail oriented, efficient, and attentive towards my requests. She was also well versed with the rules of grammar and sentence structure. I am happy to recommend her as an editor.” 

– Sonia, Washington, DC

If you would like help with your writing please contact me by completing the following form:


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