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I won another Instagram Contest! Sharing poem for #dVerse Open Link Night

I made a video of it for my YouTube channel below and shared to IG as well:

Sharing with dVerse Poets Pub for Open Link Night where there will be LIVE poetry readings on Saturday,  February 18th from 10 to 11 AM, EST.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! 💘

To my Romeo (A Valentine Day’s Sonnet)

Here’s and oldy, but my feelings haven’t changed!!

Tricia Sankey

My Precious Romeo!!! (Yes, I cropped the husband out so I could focus on Romeo’s deep brown eyes! 😍)

My precious Romeo, you inspire this write.
How I love the way you play free and young,
Invading my dreams you brighten my night,
Always imagining your wet, red, tongue.

Let me compare you to a ripe cherry?
You are more cordial, sublime and sweet,
Ice bites the leashed walks of February,
And winter leaves snow tracked in by four feet.

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.
I love your innocent eyes, teeth and nose.
Gazing into your brown eyes fills my days,
I reach for my phone as you sit and pose.

Now I must command to your loyal heart,
Remember my true words whilst we’re apart.

Written for Ingrid’s Sonnet Sunday

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Nothing But the Sun #AldousHuxley #AlbertCamus #dverseMTB

In their greasy overalls
the cautious tenderness

the low gurgling
out of the vestibule

there was nothing but the sun
“There’s a good fellow”

It shattered into little pieces
“Throw it all away”

Out of the corner of his eye
an angry murmur

behind a large rock

Laura is today’s host for dVerse’ Meet the Bar. Laura says:
• Choose TWO books of prose
• Pick ONE page from each
• Extract SHORT LINES from each page*
• ALTERNATE them to make a poem
• Use italics and plain font to differentiate the text sources
• Use one of the source lines or a combination as TITLE
Stick to these Guidelines:
–DO NOT ADD ANYTHING of your own to the lines
–You may use enjambment
–You could split the poem into stanzas
–CITE YOUR SOURCES with author, book title and page number

The italicized lines are taken from Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (page 211)
and the regular font is taken from The Stranger by Albert Camus (page 55)

I’m curious to see how you all interpret this original channeled message from these provocative authors. I even made a video of it and posted to my YouTube channel and Instagram with the prompt explained. Hope you enjoy!!

I won an Instagram Contest! Check it out along with my latest tweets!

So cool to be a winner of the 24 hour word prompt contest below. The prompt word was Chestnut and the poem couldn’t be longer than 15 words. I’ve been busy working with a client on a writing project lately, so I really only have time for short poems! Enjoying the brevity of IG and Twitter!

Slow Roll Saturday

All Through the Night

Snooping stars

as we drain the dark side
of moon

gulp it down black

and plant daffodils
in deep scars

Shared with dVerse Poets Pub for Open Link Night

Full song below:

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