We the People

My thoughts on this election

Conceited Crusade

I will not say who I voted for this year but I will say I almost didn’t vote. I didn’t want to be held responsible for picking someone who would do harm to America. And I honestly feel they are both cut from the same cloth. I could be wrong. But it is good that our country can make our voices heard. What I pray is that we can be united with our voices to truly change this land into something amazing for both rich and poor. We need to hold our elected officials’ feet to the fire to make this happen. This won’t happen divided. In the military my husband was taught to never leave a fallen comrade behind. You carry them when they are weak or injured. Soldiers are taught to respect each other and respect the command. We need to carry each other now as half of this country is mourning. Kindness is…

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3 thoughts on “We the People

  1. I have two beautiful daughters and want the best for them. I want them to have a great career that challenges them, education that informs them and makes them grow, a future bright and filled with much more than merely accomplishment. I want my girls to experience love, and hurt, and joy, and pain. I want them to know that life is filled with struggles but that they can get through them and come out better. More importantly I want them to be mindful of the value of life and that their life is not as important as any others. I want them to know that truth is being completely honest even when its difficult. I want them to know courage is doing what is right when the whole country says it is wrong.
    Did I vote for a women who advocates killing the innocent but in the same sentence wants to take away the right to own guns because toddlers might be killed. Did I vote for someone who allowed soldiers to be slaughtered standing idly by allowing their families to suffer? Did I vote for a person being investigated for willfully sharing protected documents? Never, but neither did I vote for Trump.
    There was a third candidate that as a country we chose to ignore as a whole. However I voted for him since he aligned with what I believe. All the sadness over a person who chooses to murder the innocent I will never understand. When it comes down to it, I’m glad Trump, the big Buffoon, won over such a fickle minded, liar.

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