The glass was half full

The glass was freshly poured

sweat inching down

while your voice shook

I picked it up and drank the poison

My breath fogs up the windows

And it’s the vision of a ghost

The release of all that’s real

It’s the way the clock ticks

to a thousand shards of light

that slice your face

that puzzling look

Now the glass is half empty and

my bleary eyes find truth

Please don’t say

I didn’t listen

I heard it all

sat mesmerized as the swirl of words

turned into shapes

formed into daggers

But I could not feel them

they drew no blood

For it was you that dissolved

An Etch A Sketch

full of sad lines

It was you who cracked

beneath those words

with every sip.

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Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

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