You left me an inept seafarer
alone in a

The ocean flows
with a blue

~that sinks~

and transcends
What am I now?

I’m just a bluebird

in a gilded cage
tweeting my words
into clouds

~shaped like mouths~

of a cat –
can you smell
the ocean

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Sarah hosts Poetics today at dVerse and writes:

So tonight, let’s write blue. A splash of blue, an ocean of blue, a shimmer of blue. Gaze into the distance, or look down at the sapphire on your finger. Take us to the Blue Ridge Mountains or the Blue Lagoon. Hand me a Blue Monday cocktail, slap some blues on the juke box and let’s poem.

Published by Tricia Sankey

Plays with words in her free time.

35 thoughts on “Blue

  1. I really like you poem. I can imagine your boat full of holes. We all start out naïve and innocent it seems. I like your surreal ending! Cats do have ocean breath!

  2. I love the shape and layout of this poem, Tricia, the way it moves, ocean-like, and the idea of the idea of an ‘inept seafarer alone in a boat full of holes’ pulled me right in with a splash of blue. And then it shifts to the bluebird and the cat – an elemental poem of water, air and earth, steeped in ocean breath.

  3. I love blue because the heart is known by its smashing washing singing color. All of that here, Blue is light and dappled, too, especially here; the beauty in grief, the scent of the sea on one’s heaving breath. Well done Tricia –

  4. Sea-faring alone in a battered boat. Yes, that is much like a failing relationship-and the mouth-shaped clouds. I can see the lips when I look up. Lovely, Tricia.

  5. Again, I like your use of space. Oceans and separation seem to be recurring themes in the blue challenge. You loop back to the ocean through a transition from tweeting bird to ocean breath cat. Are they symbolic?

    1. Thanks, Sean! I would say it’s the ocean breath from the words of the bird, the song from the gilded cage, which is an entrapment, much like the ocean entrapped the boat in the beginning. There is the allusion to Arthur Lamb’s poem, “A bird in a gilded cage.” I liked the idea of a bluebird carrying the blue ocean of that drowning feeling. Thanks for asking! 💕

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