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Tricia Sankey

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I am also now a contributor on Conceited Crusade.

Also please read my past work when I blogged for Army Wife Network (Some images missing as these are old archives)

If you enjoy literary style writing, please check out the first issue of The Lindenwood Review where I worked as an Editorial Assistant. Credits here.

Along with military themes, I enjoy all genres of flash fiction, poetry and short stories.

For travelling all the way here, you deserve a coffee!


Milspouseprose is now on tumblr

If you are in need of an editor, click here to read more about my background.

Find me on Twitter @triciasankey



7 thoughts on “Read Me!

  1. You’ve been busy visiting my blogs, and I thank you. I hope you did not find too many errors, my new editor friend. How long have you been editing? It sounds like you are busy. I look forward to getting better acquainted. 🙂

    • Thanks for the follow! I have an MFA in Writing and love to freelance write and edit! I have been active at it since 2011. If you do happen to find an error in my posts, well that is just poetic license 😉

      • I guess so. I was referring to my posts, though! I make plenty of them. According to one spammer, my site was rife with errors. 🙂 I’m pleased to get to know you. Did you read my interview with Debbie Simorte? I’m trying to interview authors, editors, photographers, general bloggers, anyone who has a connection to writing. If you are interested check out my post on interviews. 🙂

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